March 19th, 2003



Dear "Farm_Lovin",

Contrary to what my friends may have told you, I am not at all interested in "Nasty girls with barnyard animals". I would have hoped that my ignoring your three to four emails on this subject per day would have tipped you off, but apparently your marketing department feels that there might still be some interest on my end. Let me assure you once again that there is not. Should you decide to offer these as separate entities - that is, just nasty girls on their own, or just barnyard animals (portrayed in strictly non-sexual context) - then please feel free to let me know. Otherwise, I would appreciate it if you stopped sending me your advertisements.

Thanks, and good luck with your internet venture,
Steve Calderon


Every once in a while, along comes a song that so accurately captures the mood of the times and portrays the feeling of society as a whole, that it becomes an anthem for the masses. Other times, someone writes a song so deeply emotional and personal that you can't help but be driven, psychologically, to the same place as the author, feeling as they do and experiencing their pain to the very core of your being.

And then, there's Boob Scotch:

Another sign of the apocalypse

Friends, I've been watching TV tonight, and I have seen something so disturbing, so wretched, so confusing and frightening that I can't come to grips with it. I huddle in the corner of the room, quivering, scratching at my eyes with bloody nails trying to un-see the image I've seen.

No... I'm not talking about the war. I'm talking about...

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