March 26th, 2003



It seems the Army has already contracted with an oil company to handle the extinguishing of oil fires and rebuild/repair of the oil infrastructure in Iraq. The multi-million dollar contract was awarded to a company called Halliburton, a company whose CEO was Dick Cheney until a couple of years ago.


Hate the media

CNN Headline News just now:

One of their "journalists" is doing a piece about protests. They show a bunch of people in Australia going off over the fact that they're going to send 2000 soldiers to Iraq.

She talked about how a poll from a few months ago showed 75% of Australians were opposed to the war. The rest of this is directly quoted from her:

"A recent poll now shows that 50% of Australians SUPPORT the war. So, just because you see all those protests doesn't mean they're the majority."

FUCK YOU, CNN. That's the most flimsy, unnecessary, and obviously pro-war statement an allegedly unbiased journalist could make.

Man, I wish The Daily Show was doing 24 hour coverage. I mean, they're obviously biased too, but at least if you flipped back and forth from Daily Show to CNN, you'd get some semblance of balance.

Blatantly stolen from Top Five (

The Top 14 Signs Your SUV Is Too Damn Big
(Part I)

14> Your kids refer to riding the bus to school as "downsizing."

13> Before go you out, you have to file for a parade permit.

12> You're the first one in your neighborhood to own a 2004
Halliburton-Savior S-Class.

11> It has its own gravitational field and has drawn a Geo Metro
into its orbit.

10> There are two successful Starbucks franchises located in the
back seat.

9> It doubles as a carport for your Taurus.

8> It's great for soccer moms, since the back seat folds down
into an entire field, complete with goals.

7> You need a Sherpa and an oxygen tank to reach the driver's

6> Your buddy riding shotgun is in a different time zone.

5> Mortgage payment = $2200. Texaco card payment = $2201.

4> When you pull up to the pharmacy window, they already have
the package of extra small condoms bagged and ready to go.

3> You get a letter from Hans Blix demanding that it be
dismantled immediately.

2> Due to new military intel that has narrowed the search down
to the inside of your vehicle, President Bush remains
confident that Osama Bin Laden will someday be found.

and's Number 1 Sign Your SUV Is Too Damn Big...

1> The fuel gauge doubles as a fan.