April 25th, 2003



Awwww yeah... My ass is on vacation as of about 5PM this afternoon! I finished up some testing, shut down my computer, and bolted out the door faster than you can say "I hope I still have a job when I come back".

Two weeks, baby! I think I've already written about 50 times about how great this vacation is going to be, so I won't bore you with it again. Well... maybe one more time...

This is gonna kick so much ass. I got a hookup today for White Stripes tickets for Tuesday night. So that makes three amazing concerts in as many nights while I'm in San Francisco. Oh man... we are officially turning this one up to eleven.

I'm very psyched that my sweet girl is coming to San Francisco with me. I can't wait to introduce her to the town, Paul and Steve stylee - riding around on scooters at insane speeds, dusting traffic, eating amazingly good and cheap food, and basically living it up the way the locals do. I love San Francisco... I love being there... and I could never before imagine my visits to there getting any better, until I met her. Rock!

Part three of me being fucking hyped is that good friends are pledging to take good care of me in NYC. It looks like oldjersey is gonna pick me up at the airport, with loaner bike in tow, and take me straight to buckygirl23's house, where she's offered to put me up for the night and house Ryan's bike in a safe and secure yard. It's a HUGE weight off my shoulders. That bike's safety is pretty much the biggest thing freaking me out about this trip.

Man... I need to rest. I'm all packed. You should see the amount of clothing I've managed to stuff in my small suitcase. In addition to that, I've got my helmet, air mattress (necessity for those of us mooching floor space off friends), about a million chargers (electric razor, camera battery, cell phone, cd player...), rain gear, a license plate (don't ask), a bottle of oil, and cd's with about every mp3 I have on them. Oh... and a good book.

I may or may update while I'm gone. I'll probably be on, but I don't know how often. I'll probably post the occasional camera-phone picture, so watch for those... Y'all have fun, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks!
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