May 7th, 2003


Everyone's your friend... in New York City...

Well... I'm home. I've actually been home since Monday night, but I've been goofing off hardcore. Playing video games, riding the bikes, fixing the bikes, cursing the bikes, etc...

It was so freaking good to get home. I'm glad I cut the trip short because another minute away from imasage and I was going to implode. I don't wanna get too mushy, but our airport reunion was the kind of thing you'd see in a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie. I'm in love with this one, y'all, and it fucking rules.

Anyway, enough of that malarkey. You're sick of it.

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    Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

You think, "that's what YOU think"..

Well... If you live in Seattle and you like They Might Be Giants and you didn't go to tonight's show, then you fucked up. Bad. I've seen four shows on this tour... because I'm insane. I am here to tell you that tonight's was by far the best. I have the setlist in front of me, which contains Four of Two, I Palindrome I, Your Racist Friend, Don't Let's Start, In The Middle In the Middle In the Middle, She's Actual Size, Destination Moon, Ana Ng, Particle Man, She's an Angel, Istanbul, and Road Movie to Berlin. THAT'S a hell of a lot for your TMBG dollar. Damn!