May 8th, 2003


What the hell???

Ok... If you call my house, and I'm not home, the machine says "Hi, this is Steve. I'm not here so leave a message. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP".

So why in the fuck are 80% of my messages people going "Hello??? Heeeelllloooooo?" or "Hi, may I speak to Paul Diaz please?" Apparently Paul Diaz had this number before me and even though I've had it for three years now, people are still trying to find him here.

But dude, what the fuck? I mean, I know in some cases, the obnoxious auto-dialler thingy that telemarketers use hasn't connected them by the time the machine has picked up, but that's not always it. They're talking right after the beep, so they must be hearing it. Are people not familiar with this crazy new invention called the answering machine? I think I might just give up on having a home phone. Stupid thing.