July 20th, 2003


The function...

Had a blast spinning at the Soulcial last night with panda_eyes, DJango, and new friend Sunshine. I played a somewhat decent 40 minute or so set, but had way more fun tag-teaming with Sunshine at the end of the night. It's a lot of fun to try to come up with something that flows well off what the other guy just put on, and then to see what their answer back to you is.

Not only was the night itself fun, but all my housemates and other peeps came out and we drank lots and lots of beer. Good times, even though it was 900 degrees in the bar.

Overall, this has been a fun weekend. Susie and I worked on her bike for a while yesterday and the clutch is a bit more manageable now, which is nice. I still need to register it, but it's good to know that she can start practicing. We went to a "hootenanny" at our future house yesterday, too. It's such a warm and happy house. We're going to have a lot of fun.

This entry had a lot of potential when I started it, but it's kinda fizzling out now. So I should stop writing.

Oh... I think someone likes someone. Heh.