August 6th, 2003



So, last night at about 12:30, just as we're falling asleep, Susie and I both wake up wondering why we're hearing rodeo music. As I snap out of my haze, I realize it's because my phone just got a text message (which never happens). I figure it must be super important if someone's going to the trouble to text me, instead of emailing, especially after midnight.

The message was from the LiveJournal server and it says this:
"Found your LJ thought I'd say hello 'cause you like scooters."

Gee. Thanks a lot. I would hate to think of what might have happened if I didn't get this extremely important message right at that fucking moment. I mean, fuck the sanctity of my precious sleep, that shit was URGENT! Middle of the night on a weeknight or no, if I wasn't immediately aware of this anonymous person wanting to say hello because I like scooters well, I can't even begin to ponder the consequences.


I'm turning off the text message feature now.