September 12th, 2003


Balance in all things

In the last seven days:

1. Susie and I found our Chihuahua, who quite possibly might be named Rudy.
2. I found out the Pixies will be touring again, for the first time in over ten years.
3. I saw Social Distortion play, for the first time in about eight years.
4. I found my favorite northern soul song (Sugarpie Desanto and Etta James - In the Basement Part One) on 45 on eBay, and I'm the current high bidder.
5. I got signed up to work my first show as sound assistant at the Vera Project (United State of Electronica on the 25th).


1. Johnny Cash died.

I'm still in a pretty damn good mood over 1-5 though, as well as the fact that the girl who I wake up with every day is the loveliest in all the land. Oh, and our house seems to be free of rodents and raw sewage... for now.

How *you* doin?

(no subject)

September 11th came and went. I chose to steer clear of all of the memorials and hero crap that mainstream media saturates itself with... I'm not a lingering mourner. I think New York has moved on, and I feel I should too.

Instead, I got sucked in to reading stuff about the political side of 9/11 was and is, and what our "President" knew or knows and what the hell he's doing.

This is a really interesting article, and worth the long read.

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it: Bush is a nimrod and he does not belong at the controls.