September 18th, 2003


OH... by the way


I don't fucking care about Jennifer Lopez and/or Ben Affleck. I don't give a fuck that they broke up. I didn't give a fuck that they were getting married.

Other Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck subjects about which I couldn't give a rat fuck:
- If they'll get back together
- Why they split up
- What color panties they each wear
- The size of either of their asses, and the proportion of said asses to their bodies
- What their friends think about them splitting up
- Which of the two enjoys being pissed on by the other
- What will happen to Jennifer's ring
- Which one gets to keep which engagement gifts
- Which of them enjoys Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

People who are interested in these subjects can just fuck right off. These simply aren't important subjects for anyone other than the two alleged celebrities involved. Shame on you for buying the magazine with them on the cover and encouraging the media to keep wasting my short attention span with crap like this.