November 20th, 2003


Coolest thing ever.

Ok... so last night, our Monkey meeting was at a restaurant called Kona Kitchen. The owner of the restaurant is an idol of vespaden and mine. He is, Yuji:

Ok... for those who don't recognize him right away, let me see if I can jog your memory. A mid-80's low budget comedy by the great Savage Steve Holland about a young man (John Cusack) so tied up in killing himself over his lost love, he fails to recognize the new love right next door.

No, the owner of the restaurant is not John Cusack. Stay with me here.

A scene in the aformentioned HILARIOUS film: Cusack's Lane Meyer pulls up to a light in his car, where he is met by two racing enthusiasts. One speaks no English at all. The other learned to speak it from watching Howard Cosell.

That's right, the owner of last night's restaurant was the guy who spoke Howard Cosell in Better Off Dead.

I'm floored, dudes. Floored.

Oh, he was also in Karate Kid 2 and a couple of the Crow movies.

UPDATE: He was also the nerdy asian dude in Real Genius!

Don't push me... 'cause I'm close to the... edge..

People are trying to screw ol' duder from every angle these days, friends.

First off, our property management company isn't doing jack about the fact that our basement looks like a scene from Titanic. Their standard response to things like this is "There isn't anything that can be done about that", which translates into "The owner is too damn cheap to sink any money into fixing anything in that pit, so you're stuck with it." What I don't understand is: If I can only really use half the house, shouldn't I only have to pay half the rent? Apparently this is not the case.

Secondly, I don't know if I told you all about the dude who backed into my truck while Susie and I were getting ready to go somewhere back in early July. Yep. We'd just gotten into the truck, were about to start backing down the driveway, and WONK! I look behind me and don't see anything (my truck was pointing upwards because of the build of the driveway). So I get out and there's a Jetta that has collided with me, with a nicely mucked up rear end. So we trade insurance info and that's that. Well, a few days ago I get a letter from his insurance company stating that they've been trying to get a hold of me about this incident. The date of the accident shown on the letter is August 15th, over a month late. So I call up and the guy tries to get me to give him a recorded statement, which I refuse to do. I find out that the guy is claiming that he backed in to our driveway from across the street (which does not exist), stopped, and then I backed in to him. Since his story is different from mine, it's word against word, the insurance companies will find us both negligent, and my insurance will probably be affected, even though I've asked nobody to pay for the damage to my truck, and I didn't do anything wrong.

In the meantime, various people who I've done specific favors for with an understanding of repayment of said favors are either waffling (with good excuse... but still....) or are avoiding corresponding with me altogether.

All I want to do at this moment is punch someone really hard in the neck.