January 11th, 2004


Two blocks

On the evening of 11 January, 2004, during the course of a ten minute walk to the corner store to get some soda, the following events occurred:

Exhibit A: A small dog, whose identity shall not be divulged, peed inside his new sweater.
Exhibit B: An attempt was made to cross the street.
Exhibit C: Instead of crossing, the aformentioned dog peed in his sweater again.
Exhibit D: Beverages were obtained at the aforementioned store.
Exhibit E: A small girl, whose identity also shall not be divulged, walked full speed into a bus stop sign post.
Exhibit F: While I attempted to comfort the aforementioned girl, the aforementioned dog proceeded to poop on the sidewalk. Thankfully, the aforementioned store had given me a plastic bag.

We'll be staying in for the rest of the evening, thank you.