March 25th, 2004



I'm dazed and exhausted. The company is trying to get in good with a certain gigantic wireless carrier. The deal is enormous and could actually hold the fate of our company and my expected internet millions. Right now, a couple of our sales guys and our head engineering honcho are in with said gigantic carrier doing a demo of our latest stuff. That'd be our latest stuff that's only been in development for a few weeks and is not nearly ready to be used by anyone without a really unique sense of humor. Still, I'm really hoping for a good demo, because this deal would kick so much ass for us, especially since we were a big-time underdog with this carrier a week ago.

The days leading up to this have been hectic to say the least. Monday, in the midst of moving offices and doing other stuff, we had to formulate the plan for this demo and figure out who's going where and doing what. Tuesday, we had to get moving on building the site and testing the wireless devices. I worked until around 9, then had to come back at 8 yesterday morning. The huge wireless carrier was FedExing us some devices to set up and test for the demo. They were supposed to arrive at 8, but didn't get here until 11:30. We had to set them up and test them and get them back in FedEx to arrive in GA by 8am today. Things were not working right yesterday. We banged on them until the last possible second, when I boxed them up quickly, and then hauled ass on my motorcycle all street fighter stylee to get to FedEx before they closed. I was in the office until about 8:30.

Then, we had to make a major change to the production load balancer to accommodate a weird request for the demo. This had to be done late at night by an Ops person. He was supposed to do it at 11, but didn't do it until after midnight. After that, we had to test for a while to make sure the change worked. I finally finished working around 1:30 this morning and went to bed... for three hours.

The demo was to start at 9am EST this morning, which meant that I had to be back in the office at 5am when the sales guys receieved the devices we FedEx'ed yesterday. I had to be here to help them get set up and make sure everything was working flawlessly before they did their dog and pony show, and I had to be here in case something went wrong and they needed to call.

So... two late nights, then one really late night followed by a really early morning after 3 hours of sleep. If that don't ensure this company making me a rich man, I don't know what will.

I just gotta make it through doing a couple of phone screens for QA candidates, and then it's nappy time.

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I'm torn.

You know that Six Flags commercial where the old man rolls in to the quiet little town, gets out of his bus, and dances around like a freakin' lunatic?

Well, on one hand, that old man dancing it up all turbo-caffeinated stylee with that maniacal smile on his face seriously creeps me out. On the other hand, that old man can BOOGIE! I mean, he is seriously gettin' down... and you gotta respect that.

I think that dude better calm down before he breaks a hip or something.

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Here's another commercial that weirds me out. You know the one for "Chaser"? It's that product that you take after you've been drinking all night. Supposedly, it prevents you from getting a hangover. In the commercial, it shows a horribly hung over dude and his girl, who's all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to face work. He remarks that she drank more than he did, so based on the fact that he's bigger than her and he's got what looks to be the worst hangover of the year, she must have been super-duper insane-o trashed.

Now, I know that while they're having this conversation, you're supposed to be thinking about what a good idea it would be to go out and get some Chaser to keep around for the next time you're getting wasted, but all I keep thinking of is what the hell party girl and guy were doing last night, all blitzed out of their heads, on a school night?!? For some reason, every time I watch the commercial, I just get this vision of the girl dancing on a bar, swinging her shirt over her head, while the dude does body shots off a hairy biker. It'd be cool if they did a DVD of commercials, and one of the special features was commentary by the characters of the commercial. That way, maybe I'd get to hear these two go, "Oh YEAH! Dude! Remember the night before this? When we went to Tyler's going away happy hour and ended up going to Tijuana??"

"HAHA! Yeah!! That was insane!! Remember we didn't have enough money to pay our bar tab, so we sold your pants and bet the money on a cock fight?? Oh man... what a night! I was almost late for my 8am conference call!!"

Man, I really gotta start skipping the commercials more.