May 12th, 2004

Goth kid

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This isn't meant to spark any political discussion, finger pointing, blame, or whatever, so you can save it... this time... That said, I can't even BEGIN to fathom how fucking scared out of my balls I would be:

a. being a prisoner of war
b. sitting on the floor while the Iraqis read a four minute statement while videotaping it, and wondering what it's leading up to.
c. realizing that I was now going to DIE by having my HEAD cut off.

Pro-war or anti-war... conservative or liberal... peace loving hippie or angry and vengeful patriot... humanist or pessimistic cynic... It doesn't matter who or what you are, you gotta know that that shit is seriously fucked. At that one moment, when the knife comes out and they grab him by the hair, I feel worse for that guy than I have ever felt for anyone ever.