May 29th, 2004


Comedy is no laughing matter

So, if anyone's planning to go see Mitch Hedberg tomorrow night you can just unplan that now.

We got tickets to the 10:30 show tonight. We decided to get in line around 9, so we could be closer to the front of the line. That worked out well, as we were at the very front.

Around 9:45 or so, we see a bunch of people start walking out, including queencity. Everyone's saying that the show sucks, Mitch is drunk and insulting people, someone threw up inside, etc... We hear people heckling, we hear drunk girls who were apparently on stage... all kinds of craziness. More people come out around 10 and tell us that Mitch is super pissed because he found out that people in the front paid more for their tickets. He's saying he's not going to do the second show. He's mad. He apparently went on and on about it for an hour. By 10:30, he's still on stage and still going. People are slowly filtering out, looking horrified. People in line are getting mad and asking us what the hell the deal is (because we're at the front and sort of pretending like we know what's going on). Around 10:45 it finally ends and the rest of the crowd comes out. They're saying that he's too wasted to do the second show and he's still really mad. The club is telling people that they're going to start seating in 10 minutes.

Around 11, we send a guy up at the front up to see what's going on. We find out that the show is canceled and go up to fight for refunds. At that point, we learn that there's now a lot of bad blood between Mitch and the club, and that tomorrow night's shows are pretty much off. So that's that. One of my favorite comedians is too damn wasted and pissed to do a show for me. Bummer.

queencity, what the heck happened in there?