September 1st, 2004

Lil' Wu Tang

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Two legs good! Four legs bad!

One of the delegates at the RNC was giving out "purple hearts" with a message on them to the effect of, "it's just a self-inflicted scratch, but I got a purple heart for it" in a feeble attempt to mock John Kerry's Vietnam service.

Does it not occur to him, and everyone that accepted and wore them, that they're mocking EVERYONE'S service? You can't just deprecate one person's purple hearts without devaluing ALL purple hearts that have been awarded. If we are to believe that Kerry's purple hearts were unwarranted and were awarded for superficial "scratches" then don't we also have to assume that that COULD be the case for any purple heart? Why would Kerry's treatment by the Navy back then be any different from anyone else's? I can't believe this group of people who claim to make up the most patriotic among us would make such light of the sacrifices that so many soldiers have made for them. Fucking pigs.