September 3rd, 2004


Zoom zoom

I've been riding my motorcycle for the last few days (scooter got low on gas... anyone know how to repair that?) after having not ridden it for a month or two. Yesterday, I found myself on the long straight part of 15th before the bridge and my hand involuntarily opened the hell out of the throttle, while my other hand and foot involuntarily raced through the gears. As I performed what the police would refer to as an "overt display of power" I found myself actually yelling, "WHOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!" out loud and hanging on for dear life. This was followed by about 2 minutes of girly giggling.

Damn. I love being a "biker".

In other random fun-ness... For a while, there's been this panhandler at the corner of 15th and Leary. He seems nice. He waves at everyone and he has a good dog, and his sign says "Visions of a burrito". So yesterday, after passing him, I turned around and rode up on the sidewalk right where he was standing. He started looking at me like he thought I was going to attack him. I said, "Hey man! I have something for you!" and pulled out my wallet. He looked really wary as he watched my hands intently, waiting for me to roll him for his change or something.

I handed him my Taco Del Mar punch card, with all 10 punches (double punch Mondays, yo...) punched out of it and told him he could go get a free burrito up the street. Dude was PSYCHED! He shook my hand and was all happy and appreciative and showed it to his dog and told me to have a great day. That was awesome. I mean, I've watched that guy for a while when the light's been red. He gets money. I'm sure that in an hour of standing there, he gets enough to buy a burrito on his own. I wasn't expecting this sort of joyful reaction, but he brought it, and even though my gift was mostly insignificant, he made me feel good for doing it. Thanks, burrito guy!

This is going to be a new trend with me. Practically every food place around my work has these cards and I fill them up every so often. I certainly do not need free food, so from now on, when I fill them up, I'm going to give them to panhandlers. Right now, there's another almost full Taco Del Mar card in my wallet. There's also a Subway card with like 110 points on it (enough to get free meals for two people) that some lucky winner will get to enjoy. I'm not sure how many pizza slices are stamped out of my Pagliacci's card, but I'm gonna fill that one up too. Sweet. I can help the needy and still be a cheap bastard while doing so. Go me.