October 20th, 2004


Uh... wow.

Just got finished watching "Stolen Honor: Swift Boat Liars Propoganda". If anyone wants to check it out, lemme know and I'll put it where you can download it.

Anyway... if this is the most damning thing they can come up with, then I say put it the fuck on TV. I really don't care. Any nimrod who watches it will see through it pretty quickly. It only has about 4 minutes total of Kerry (audio) footage, where he says none of the things that the veterans then go on to accuse him of saying. Then, it tries to dispute the things that he allegedly said by having the veterans say that his accusations aren't true. No evidence is given. Nobody ever says anything like, "there was an investigation in to these charges and they were found to be untrue". It's just three or four POWs talking for a long ass time about the torture they endured, and then saying that the anti-war people were responsible for extending their imprisonment for additional years. They bitch about Jane Fonda more than they bitch about John Kerry.

I know I'm putting a lot more faith in voters than they deserve, but this thing is such a blatant stunt to swing people that I really don't think it's possible it can do any damage to Kerry. If anything, it will only encourage people to quit listening to this bullshit once and for all and to realize that if the worst the Bush campaign can come up with about Kerry is this crap about his Vietnam record, then that's a pretty good indication that he's far less of a cack then their guy.