November 15th, 2004

Little Jerry

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Dammit. The Killers are coming. I soooooo want to see the Killers, but what I don't want to fucking do is pay $35 to see them play like a 30 minute set a "107.7 The End presents Deck the Ball" with like 7 other bands and 15 minute introductions by the wacky morning DJ. Fuck that. Why can't they just play a headlining show at the Crocodile or something? I didn't see them last time, because they played at Bumbershoot.

I'm getting sick of my favorite bands gouging me for short sets. I'm still mad at Cake for the "Unlimited Sunshine" tour of a year or so ago. $30 to sit through sets by some country & western "legend", Cheap Trick, and the Detroit Cobras, only to get a short and seriously crappy set by Cake. Well, the country & western guy was boring as all hell. Cheap Trick, while still a respectable band, was just annoying. They brought out all their large arena firepower for the Showbox, playing at ear-bleeding levels and blinding the audience with stage lighthing. Sometimes that can be fun, but not when it's a bunch of 55 year olds who still think they're hip and not when you're there to see a band like Cake. The Detroit Cobras were super pissed off about something, so they played a pretty short set with zero crowd interaction and less than zero enthusiasm. Cake's set was mediocre at best - the worst I've ever seen them, and they wasted a good amount of my patience by bringing the country guy out, kissing his ass for a while and having him sing with them.

Now Cake's coming back this week, headlining a regular show at the Moore, and tickets are a ridiculous $28. Sorry, Cake. You're awesome, but I haven't forgiven you enough to shell out that much to see you this time around. Punks.

Anyway, I guess I went off on a tangent there about Cake. The point is, I'm not really interested in the other bands at the End thing (maybe Franz Ferdinand... maybe...) enough to pay that much and hang out with 15,000 frat boys, even if it is to see my favorite new band. Guess I'll try to catch them next time, provided they decide to get off the festival scene and play a decent show.
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Couple of quick shots from my new camera. Click on Mr. Pinchers to see them.

This camera is so kick ass. It's about the size of a deck of cards, but it has 5x optical zoom and full manual controls for aperture and shutter speed. So dope. There will be many more.