December 19th, 2004



Man oh man, people. Last night was the Monkey holiday get together at the home of yours truly and yours truly's wonderful girlfriend... and yours truly's dog and cat as well. Our house contained 11 monkeys and most of their significant others, as well as a couple of extra dogs, and a whole giant shit-ton of food. I ate a lot. I drank a TON. I smoked a big fat cigar. I woke up feeling, tasting, looking, sounding, and smelling like ass. Then, at around 11 this morning, Otis and I went to play disc golf at the Seatac course, which we've never played before, but turned out to be really cool (although hard as hell!). I beat Otis by two strokes in what I believe is the first game I've ever won against him. The student becomes the master or some shit.

One thing that kind of bites about disc golf is that on most of the courses, there are lots of thorny bushes in the fields and, besides trees, these seem to be the areas where my discs are most attracted to. So, I spent a lot of time today rescuing discs from places where I might have been better off just leaving them behind. At one point, on the 17th hole, it started raining. A few minutes later, I grabbed my disc from within some thorny bushes and had to throw from there. Upon throwing, I slipped and fell in the thorns. This sucked so much ass. I put a lot of little holes in me, and had to continue to endure the pain of having my flesh torn off as I struggled to get up and get free. It was like falling in to a big tangled mass of razor wire. My leg is torn up pretty well, but I got a four on the hole, so I was happy with that.

There were a lot of +400 foot holes at this course, which made it really hard. I think my final score was an 82, and I usually can get around 72-75 at the West Seattle course. One kind of cool thing was that the course was right under the flight path for Seatac airport, so every three minutes or so a huge plan would pass over us about 100 feet above our heads. Nice.

After disc golf, me and Otis went to Zoopa and ate tons and tons of food. Today there was chicken dumpling soup and GOD DAMN after playing disc golf in the rain I needed that shit. And some corn muffins.

When I got home, I found out that the most flyest girlfriend in the known universe had already cleaned up the aftermath of the party!! Dude! I was so stoked because after a long afternoon of disc golf and eating way too much, I was not looking forward to dealing with that mess. Fuckin' A, I love that girl.

I think I'll use my new found free time to take a nap or play some poker online. Yeeeeah.