January 6th, 2005


I'm yo mama, I'm yo daddy

Dear friends... You've heard me go on about how awesome Rhapsody is. It's pretty much my favorite $10/month expenditure and days like today are why. This morning, while getting ready, I got it in my head that there was no way I was taking a shower without some latin boogaloo to get me going. So I fire up Rhapsody, type "Perez Prado" in the search, and I'm groovin' in seconds. Yeah.

Cut to later today. I'm walking by Easy Street and I see that there's a 25th anniversary release of the Superfly soundtrack. Now, here's the thing: It's really easy to take Superfly for granted. You hear the songs all the time in movies and commercials and whatnot. It's the kind of record that you don't really seek out, because it's never really far from your consciousness. You walk by a record store and you see a 25th anniversary release of it and you go, "ah... that's cool... but I'm not going to buy it, cause I need other shit..." and you move along. For most people, that's pretty much the end of their encounter with Superfly for today, or this week, or whatever. And there's the problem, people... you're not spending enough time with Superfly. It's kind of like your grandma. You know you'll see it again soon, so you don't really go out of your way to spend any real QT with it, you know?

That's where Rhapsody comes in. A little while ago, while waiting for a build, I remembered the 25th anniversary release of Superfly and decided to see if it was on Rhapsody, and it was. So now, it's all kinda funky up in this office, and me and Superfly are reigniting the spark of our intimate relationship. It's been a long time, Superfly. Dayum. You lookin' so good, girl.