February 1st, 2005



Happy animal- monkey- anni-versary to my super sweet, super fine, super fly imasage. I love you more than all the words in all the LiveJournals put together could begin to express.

Seriously, people. Susie is the lovin'-est, smilin'-est, laughin'-est, bakin'-est, mopedin'-est, DDRin'-est, snugglin'-est, sufferin' through my DJ gigs'en-est ladyfriend I could ever hope for. I won the girlfriend lottery with that one, I did. As Velvet Jones would say, I got kicked in the butt by love.


In news unrelated to this anniversary or my other dilemma posted about earlier, I just won $140 in about an hour of playing Texas Hold 'em at Roxy's bowling alley/casino in West Seattle. I got pocket aces on my first hand. POCKET FUCKING ACES! Daddy like.