February 23rd, 2005


Spam I just got

Hello revere,

If you are interested in finding out about the real h g. h then you won't want to miss our informational page.


Don't worry, no pur chase neceSs ligament

Karl Payton
janitor dabble

Ummm... Ok... Is this an ad for something? They've had to muck the language so much to beat the spam filters that it's not even really english anymore.

Jellyroll flap nuts.

"10 things that I've done that you prolly didn't" meme

Me! Me!!!

1. Emergency landed a plane (engine died)
2. Slept in a bed with an entire ska band
3. Driven a car on every mile of Interstate 10
4. Bowled in the world's largest bowling alley
5. Drank a sufficient number of beers (around 100) at the Crow's Nest in Scottsdale, AZ to get my name on the wall, at the age of 19.
6. DJ'd on the world's first known internet radio station, and was the highest rated show.
7. Won first place in the art show at the Arizona State Fair
8. Gotten my ass kicked by someone who thought I'd broken in to their car (I hadn't).
9. Been shot in a drive-by
10. Pictured what everyone on my LiveJournal friends list looks like naked, and then confirmed or denied my assumptions (work in progress).

More post! More post!!

Hey kids...

I'm gonna be run out of this town in a couple of months, but I got my responsibilities to the community. Know what I'm sayin'? Part of that responsibility is helping out the Vera project with their various computery needs. I'm gonna need someone to take over for me. It's pretty light work. Right now, I'm working on setting up a file server for them (running Windows 2000) and it'd be swell if someone could finish that up. Beyond that, they don't really need much, except when stuff stops working or blows up or whatever. There's a busted computer there now that needs fixin'.

Do you have technical skeelz? Can you fix computers and stuff? Can you maintain the server? If so, then you should take over for me. Benefits are having one of the greatest music venues (which also has some good recording equipment) owe you favors, gobs of adoration from the various staff members, and the warm feeling in your heart that you're using your powers for good for a change.

Lemme know if you can help out!

Vegas rally

This picture pretty much sums up the anticipation of a good scooter rally:

95 mph on the clock, scooter in the back, ass hangin' out the passenger window.