May 15th, 2005


I got nothin' on my mind

What's up, Internet? Yeah... same here. Just hanging out in bed, seein' what y'all are up to. It's foggy as all git out here in the Sunset, and it's pretty cool. You can watch the fog blow by, if you're in to that sort of thing, or you can hang out inside with the dog. It's all good. You wanna hear about my weekend? Ok then. I'll tell you...

Friday night I ended up being at work later than I'd planned to be, but that was ok, because I worked the last couple of ours out on the patio in the sun. California + laptop + wi-fi = work sucks a little less. As the sun started going down, I got a little cold, so I made the huge conference room my office for the rest of the day. I figured out how to pipe my laptop in to the super-fly sound system in there and proceeded to blare Dead Kennedys as I attempted to fix the SSL setup on one of the dev servers. Every once in a while, one of the executives would check in on me to make sure I didn't need anything. That sure was nice of them.

After work, I headed home (Friday evening commute can eat a dick, by the way) to play with the Rude Boy. We ran around the house and the yard and had us a good time, and then I took my leave of him, hopped on my scooter, and headed over to a bar in the Mission called Zeitgeist, where I was supposed to meet some co-workers.

Zeitgeist is pretty kick ass. It's sort of a biker bar, sort of a messenger cyclist bar, sort of surly and seedy, sort of just my kind of place. It has an enormous backyard that's packed with drinkers. There are some grisly looking dudes cooking up burgers and ribs on an enormous barbecue. Helmets and bikes are everywhere. The backyard of the place feels like a giant house party about one hour and fifteen minutes before the cops show up. You know that point? It's the time of the evening where everyone's having a good time and getting a little silly, but nobody's started doing anything that makes anyone go, "Oooooh... That's not going to end well..." Of course, it was only 9 o'clock.

Of the co-workers, only hotcrab showed. We drank a beer and then decided to call it a night. I was kind of beat, so I headed home. I made sure to get myself lost on the curvy roads around Twin Peaks and made a nice hour long adventure ride out of it. Sweet.

Saturday I did a whole lot of laundry at a coin-op place, because I haven't gotten around to purchasing a washer and dryer yet. That wasn't a particularly interesting time, so forget about it.

After laundry, Paul and Janelle came by and we set out for the Mods vs. Rockers scooter ride. This was my first San Francisco ride as a resident, and I was quite pleased. I got to see Barry and Casey, Punk Rock Dave, and Brian... Scooter homies for years, and now my hometown scooter homies. Sweet. The ride itself was pretty good. It was long (over two hours, but with some decent breaks). We went to the top of Twin Peaks, where it was windy and foggy as hell. It was amazing. You could barely see in front of you and I almost blew over. There were some kick ass bikes.

The ride ended up at the San Francisco Motorcycle Club, where we drank some cheap beer and bullshitted (bull-shat?) for a while. Paul and Janelle went to eat pizza, but I wasn't hungry, due to the incredibly awesome Filipino food I'd had at the start of the ride, so I headed home to take a little nap. The plan was to go see Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings later in the evening.

Paul and Janelle showed up at the house, and we discussed the various options for Paul and I to get to the show and Janelle to get to the birthday party she was supposed to be going to. After a while, we realized that we didn't feel much like doing either thing, so we got ourselves inebriated and watched Anchorman until we could barely keep our eyes open.

This morning, I got up and headed out to Rudy's favorite new pet store and got him a variety of canned foods to go with his dry food. This new arrangement of half dry/half wet is working out very well. Now, instead of leaving food in his bowl all day where the cat will eat it, he wolfs it all down in a few minutes. The cat is losing wait, and Rudy has a nice coat.

I spent some time unpacking and arranging the house (I think I still have like 70 boxes to unpack) and finally got the bed in the master bedroom set up, so I'm sleeping in there tonight. This is a big step. The room is finally inhabitable, and it looks pretty cool. The bedrooms in this house are pretty huge, and sleeping alone in one of them kind of feels like spending the night in a spooky mansion where if you make it through the night, you inherit the house from your crazy uncle.

Around noon, Paul and I headed to Redwood City for a classic car show. We got there about an hour before it closed though, and most of the cars were gone. We did see a few oddities though, so that was nice. It was about a million degrees out there, so we didn't stay long. We left on a quest for food, and found a decent Mexican joint, where I had a decent Mexican burrito. One nice thing about the Bay Area: You can find tons of Mexican places and pizza places, and they pretty much all fall in the range of pretty good to spectacular.

After that, we headed back to my house, where I convinced Paul to look at some of the ailing bikes. We came to the conclusion that my BMW is in a seriously fucked state and that some pretty intense ripping apart is going to have to take place, probably followed by an expensive trip to some specialty mechanic. He also looked at the moped, which really doesn't want to run, and we gave up on that after a while. The white scooter needs some work, but it'll live for now, and the Red Bike is still going strong. Inspired by my new lane-splitting-legal home, I took the stadium mirrors off the Red Bike today. Seeing behind you is for suckers.

Earlier tonight, I decided to try out a pizza place that's hella close to the house, and that the internet said is awesome. It took them only 15 minutes to make a medium cheese, and it took me only five minutes to get there to pick it up and five minutes to get back. Maybe less. The pizza fit on the back of my scooter, which is nice. Total cost: less than ten bucks, and no tip for the super-rude cashier who didn't speak a word to me during the entire transaction.

Despite the incredible convenience factor of this place, the pizza wasn't all that exciting. It was good, but not great, and in this town, I demand great. This stuff kind of reminded me of the personal pan pizzas you get at Pizza Hut in the airport. Not exactly the kind of familiarity I was looking for. I shall continue my quest next week.

Well, I best be getting to bed. Monday morning commute is no picnic either, especially if it stays foggy like this.