May 31st, 2005


Hey... what's going on?

Man oh man... Weekend... It was a lot of weekend, that's for damn sure.

Friday, Susie arrived and there was much rejoicing. It was pretty late when she got here, so we just went back to the house and had a family reunion.

Saturday, we took Rudy to the beach, and rode my scooter around a bit, and did some unpacking. Later, we went dancing at the DNA, which ruled. We had lots and lots of drinks and got wasted. Hooray!

Sunday was pretty sluggish. Lots of Colma-area shopping for house stuff and more unpacking. Susie was all business and as a result there are now about 75% less boxes in the house waiting to be unpacked. Whew! Rudy was pretty happy to see his stuff.

Monday was still sluggish. I don't know why I'm so beat lately, but going to the late Pixies show last night certainly didn't help. They were awesome, as expected, but I'm tired as hell.

Today, I got to work and was told that I needed to get on a plane as soon as possible (today) and get my ass to Germany. Normally, I'd be psyched to have someone tell me this, but today it was in the context of, "go to Germany and get your ass chewed off by our customer and figure out why nothing works." Ouch. I was totally willing to go, though, cause I like going on those trips. I like being the Wolf, you know? After Germany, I was to go to Italy. It certainly would have sucked to go to all these awesome places and not get to hang out and explore, but it still would have been interesting. I worry about making sure the animals would be taken care of though.

Anyway, moot point. Another guy was sent instead, since the customer in Germany already knows him. Whew!

Hey, guess what I'm listening to.

If you guessed Sahara Hotnights, you're correct, and man, they're awesome! Why didn't anyone tell me?

Tonight: Bloc Party at Slim's. And... I just bought tickets for OK Go next week. There are a lot of shows to see in this town.

See for yourself