June 13th, 2005


The Mighty Cat Brain

Me and Wes
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I got word a little while ago that this morning a good friend passed away. I met Wes about ten years ago as I found my way in to the Arizona scooter scene. We didn't hang out much outside of scooter events, but when I did get to see him, it was always a great time. Wes was the kind of guy who, even if he wasn't your best friend, was certainly one of your greatest. He was always there to help you out and make you laugh. Always. He always had gifts for you (or for your dog, if you're Simon). He always checked in on you, to make sure you were having a good time.

A lot of us didn't even deserve Wes, but we got him anyway... I, for one, am thankful to have known him.

Goodbye, Wes. Rest in peace.