September 28th, 2005


New numbah!

Hey peeps. I have a new phone number. With the end of my tenure at Visto, so pulls the free phone gravy train to its final stop.

If you have my old phone number and you want my new one, text me at the old one before the end of next week, and I'll text you back the new one. If you aren't hip enough to be text messaging then after you slap yourself around a bit, drop me an e-mail.

Please. PLEASE.

Dear TV,

Please, for the love of all that is sacred, stop running the damned Nissan "Can't Wait One Minute More" commercial. Please. Please please please. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to take a fork and stab out my eyes and ears.

In other news, I found the shoes with wheels in the soles!! I want 'em.

Also, Rudy is humpin' the crap outta his frog.