November 10th, 2005


Quick update

So yeah... I must agree with like, everyone in the world, that the new Neil Diamond is fucking good. I'm not ashamed to admit that. Neil is awesome and he could kick the shit out of Barry Manilow any day.

I must disagree with quite a lot of people and say right fucking on to the smoking ban in Washington. I honestly don't understand how sane people could be against the ban. Most people don't enjoy smelling like that. Most people don't enjoy involuntarily smoking. Most people don't give a fuck what you choose to do to yourself, provided you can actually KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

I have to say that after living down here for a few months, both of the times I've returned to Seattle, I've found it really hard to be out in a bar. Spend a few months smoke-free and then go in to a bar full of smokers and you'll get just how toxic and nasty that shit really is. It's kinda scary to think of how "used to it" I must have been.

So, in summary:
Neil: good
Smoke: bad

I'm not making this up

"If I was to make another `Terminator' movie, I would tell Terminator to travel back in time to tell Arnold not to have another special election," Schwarzenegger said. He also said his wife, Maria Shriver, had warned him not to go ahead with the election.

Don't look at me. I wasn't here when he was elected.