November 23rd, 2005



Well... I just got a call from my assassin. Interestingly enough, I think perhaps my previous assassin was taken out and now I have a new one. This is based on some weak clues from the phone call. I'll explain in a second.

The conversation went like this:

Me: Hello?

Assassin: Hello, is this Stephen?

Me: Yes.

Assassin, obviously nervous: *mumble mumble*

Me: I'm sorry?

Assassin: This is (unintelligible*). I just wanted to call and see how your day at work is going.

Me: It's been fine.

Assassin: That's good. I uh.... don't know what to say.... Uh.... well, I'll be seeing you real soon.

Me: Ok... I'm looking forward to it!


The whole thing had the feeling of an unrehearsed prank call.

*She may have said her name is Dolly. Dolly is believed to be the name of one of the members of a team called Team America (fuck yeah), who have been kind of on a roll lately. It's possible that Team America has eliminated Team We Wet Ourselves, my last known assassins. If this is true, then the emails about the 48 hour truce in exchange for my address were probably a ruse, as Team America is thought to be made up of two girls, and the emails had a definite guy feel to them. They dudeness could be impersonated, but I find it hard to believe that the same person that would pay that much attention to detail would also be so lame at making a threatening call. I felt bad for her... kinda.

Anyway, none of this is of much interest. It'd be good to know if my last known assassins have been nixed, because they were pretty easy to evade, and Team America seems pretty good. It'll also be interesting to see if they come meet me at work. My scooter's parked on the sidewalk, and I can pretty much roll it off the block anywhere that feels safe, so I'm not too worried. If they're smart, they'll put people at my work and at home. The work people will let the home people know when I'm leaving so they can be ready for me.

If they're smart.

In other somewhat related news, it looks like there's a chance I have to be at a meeting in Seattle on Tuesday. That would mean I am out of town at least Tuesday, as well as Friday through Sunday. That'll make it really hard to make a kill attempt on my new target. I'm gonna try to get out of the meeting, or at least arrange my flight so it's a single day trip.