November 29th, 2005


Quick Streetwars update

I've been sick as hell since Thanksgiving, so I haven't done much Streetwarsin', but I'll bring you up to date:

After Tuesday's kill, I was assigned a new target. The guy who I killed was previously assigned to her, and he warned me that she was insanely difficult to catch up with. She lived way across town from me and it looked like she started work at around 8 am, which was going to mean a lot of really early mornings for me. I wasn't looking forward to it.

I was sick through yesterday, so I didn't do a damn thing. My own assassins apparently didn't do a damn thing either, because I never heard a peep from them.

I'd planned to get up early this morning and get started, but at the last minute last night, I reset my alarm for a normal time, deciding to instead go stake her out after work. This was definitely a wise decision.

When I woke up this morning, I had a new assignment. Everyone in the game who hadn't made at least one kill by 11:59 last night was now eliminated, and this included my target. My new target has one kill under his belt.

The new guy will be somewhat of a challenge as well. He works from home, which means he never really has to leave the house. The good thing is that he lives in the Castro and is pretty much on my way to and from work, so there's a good chance I'll catch him out getting coffee or something.

I dug him up on the internet. Apparently he was a DJ in L.A. county a couple years ago, but I can't figure out if he's spinning in San Francisco. It'd be sweet to nail him behind the tables. I envision the needle scratching across the record and everyone booing the silence as he hangs his drenched head in shame.

I thought he might be a friend of a friend of hotcrab's, but I was quite mistaken. Damn. Today I will scour the listings in the Guardian to see if he's spinning anywhere soon where I can go after him. If not, I *may* try to arrange a meeting with him, posing as a party planner wanting to hire him. That one would be kind of risky, because I'd need to tell him who referred me to him, and if he hasn't spun in San Francisco, that'll look reeeeeeal suspicious.

I only have until Thursday to get this guy, as I'm leaving town Friday after work for a wedding in Seattle. If I don't at least make an attempt on him before I leave, then that could put me out of the game.

I'm assuming that since my own assassins didn't actually get me that they must be out of the game by now. This means that as of this morning, I probably have a new assassin. I haven't seen or heard from them yet, but I imagine I will soon. There are just 21 players left in the game at this point. Every one of them has killed at least once, and I think the action is going to step up a bit.

I wish I wasn't still a little bit sick, and I wish it wasn't cold and rainy. Damn.

Nice try.

I got an email earlier today that something to the effect of, "I'm a reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and I'm doing a story on Streetwars. I'd like to ask you some questions and get a few pictures. Would you be interested in participating?"

The email address was, a domain that was registered about two weeks ago, when Streetwars started.

I wrote him back and said, "Sure... what would I need to do?" and he responded saying that he'd like to set up a time to meet, and possibly tag along on one of my missions. This is actually kind of smart, because if I fell for it, I'd invite him along on my hit, and he could get me, and then get my target, which he'll have inherited.

I responded and told him I'm doing a hit tomorrow night. The plan is to lure him to a place where I can watch for him from a safe place and soak him when he comes within range. This won't kill him, but it'll neutralize him for 24 hours, and will give me an awesome story.

I have to say that at this point, I'm growing a little weary of Streetwars. It's really a lot of work, and my chance of success at this point is kind of low. If I don't engage my current target by Thursday, I'm sunk. At the end of this week, Sudden Death will start. I don't know how Sudden Death works, but it sounds like it'll be the kind of thing that requires even more time. Plus, I just learned today that I have a meeting in Seattle next Thursday and Friday, which means I'll only be around for three days of Sudden Death.