November 30th, 2005


It's on...

...'til the break of dawn.

I've decided to try my hand at the "Special Mission" that's going down tonight in Streetwars ( I have a pretty good plan hatched out, which I will reveal later, when it's completely safe to do so.

I'm relatively sure my assassin will be there as well. He emailed me back that he's available to get together tonight for my "interview" after 7:30. The special mission is at 7. Mmmmhmmm. If I'm really sly, I'll run the special mission, then trap my assassin, and then get lucky and catch my mark out in public this evening so I can wrap up all my responsibilities before I leave town. That's a pipe dream though. My goal for now is to pull off the special mission and to survive out the rest of the week before being eliminated for not getting in an attempt on my target. I'm cool with that.