December 5th, 2005


Thin client

Hey dudes. We launched a new web-based client for Rhapsody today. It's at So, if you don't wanna go through the hassle of installing the whole Rhapsody application, you can just use that. It installs a quick player control and then the world of Rhapsody goodness is yours. Note: this web thinger might be difficult to install if you have paranoid security settings or your IT department are a bunch of nazis, like vespaden's. If you can get it to install, enjoy!

Also, you may not know this, but we have a free account called Rhapsody 25. You can create an account without a credit card number or anything, and we don't sell your info. The free account can play 25 free songs per month and 25 radio stations.

Nearing the end...

Sudden Death starts at midnight tonight. The rules for SD still haven't been posted, but I believe the object of it shifts from everyone going after their target to everyone going after the Supreme Commander, who is supposed to be arriving from NYC today at some point.

Over the weekend, my own assassin was taken out by a large team of dicks. Said dicks then called me and tried to lure me out to Golden Gate Park for a showdown. I accepted their invite to meet up at 2pm, even though I was in Seattle at the time, and then text messaged them saying that I didn't see them and that they were pussies for not showing up.

I got some vulgar voice messages from them in the middle of the night Saturday night. Lots of frat-boy stuff. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say there was a lot of talk about leaving one's DNA on my person. Amusing. Nobody was waiting for me at home last night or this morning, though. I just gotta make it through tonight. I'm planning to go after my guy one last time tonight to try to get the kill in before Sudden Death.

I got a call today from the alleged owner of the cell phone that was used to make the taunting threats Saturday night. He said he'd lost his phone and the phone company said the last call from it was made to my number. I verified his phone number but told him that I couldn't help him track down the guy who made the call because I didn't know him. I emailed the Supreme Commander, so maybe he can do something for him. Sure, it could be a trick, but the guy didn't try to lure me out at all, and he really sounded like some dude who just wanted his phone back. Bummer.

From what I've read on the game blog and the voice messages I got, and now this allegation that they called me from a stolen cell phone, I think these guys on the team that's after me area a bunch of fucking twats. They're taking the shit talking a little far and they're sort of ruining the fun of the game. They've seriously pissed off the Supreme Commander, which is good news for me, because that means that he's probably got his personal assassins after them. I'm really hoping they're eliminated before Sudden Death starts. With all their players, they'll be at a pretty strong advantage over singles like me.

I'm looking forward to making it in to Sudden Death, but it sucks that I'll only have two days to play before I'm off to Seattle again. I get back on Sunday just in time for the wrap up party. Glad I'm not going to miss that!

UPDATE: The dudes that killed me were actually pretty cool. They even bought me a drink. They were not, in fact, twats.