December 12th, 2005


Last Streetwars entry

Streetwars wrap up party was tonight. It was great fun seeing my victims again, and meeting some of the people that had been after me, as well as the Supreme and Mustache commanders. Everyone was pretty cool and there was much imbibing of beverages. I was disappointed that We Wet Ourselves, the first time that was after me, weren't there. I would have liked to buy them a round.

I won an award for "Best Kill Story," for my account of the high speed scooter vs. bicycle kill. My trophy is a bottle of vodka. That is, my trophy is a two foot glass bottle of vodka shaped like a shotgun! It's pretty dope. Shots were pulled at the party and about half of it was gone. I had to manage to ride my scooter home, in a suit, with the open liquor bottle safe and concealed. I'm a professional, though, so it was no problem.

I'm looking forward to helping the Shadow Government get Streetwars started up in Seattle. There's a ton of people I know up there who want to play, and it'll be fun to watch it unfold from the safety of my fortress.

OH! So, remember the mystery girl from the first day who happened to be near my victim's office? She was the one who made the little gun gesture at me. She was the bartender at the party tonight. I totally recognized her, but she only vaguely remembered the incident, so she couldn't remember exactly how she knew I was in the game. Ah well.

I'm relieved and sad that it's over, but I'm already scheming next time.

Oh hell yeah

One of the great things about soul music is that there's so damn much of it, that you can go through life and constantly find new stuff that just knocks you out. Sometimes, those tracks are hiding in plain sight, and when you come across them, it's such a great feeling. It's kind of like when you search ebay for all the alternate misspellings of "Vespa" and find some crazy rarity for super cheap that nobody else knows about.

That's where this next track I'm diggin' on came from. It showed up as the lead track on episode #2 of soul_stepfather's awesome podcast and it just knocked me right in half. This is the second Otis Redding to do such a thing to me by the way.

The track is Loving by the Pound by Otis Redding, and I'll be looking for an mp3 of it to share. In the meantime, it's on Rhapsody, so if you go over to and create yourself a free account, you can then stream the track in your browser, for free. Our link generator isn't working right now, so I can't link you direct to it, but if you do a search on Otis Redding, get to the Remember Me album, and it's like the second or third track.

All I can say is... damn.