March 6th, 2006


Fuck South Dakota

In all honesty, I don't think I've really gotten much use out of South Dakota anyway, but as of today, I'll be going out of my way to try to avoid sending any money there. I'll never visit Mt. Rushmore, and I'll never go to Sturgis, two things I'd actually hoped to do some time in my life. I'll never buy anything from Gateway Computer or Iams Pet Food. I'll be looking further in to what other companies whose products I may purchase are based in that state.

It's time to take a stand. If this happened in my state, I'd be in Sacramento rioting over it. One might argue that with police as edgy as they are these days, it's a great risk to personal freedom to riot in the streets over a cause, but personal freedom is meaning less and less these days, especially to those who govern it, so what's the point, really?

This really just feels so awful. Why would this be allowed to happen? It's someone's body, for crying out loud. It's their health. It's their LIFE. You don't believe it's right, fine... don't get one yourself. Why can't people learn to confine their fucking morals to their own fucking lives? Where does it end? Women become property again? Ban interracial marriage again?? Ban all medical procedures because illnesses, like everything else, are GOD'S WILL? Can we please grow in to our century now?

I'm so fucking frustrated with the way things are going in this country. We're in a state of reversal... reverting to the "olden days" when repressed prudish old white men made all the rules. No sex, no drugs, no staying up late, no profanity, no self-expression, no art, no nothing except God and Patriotism.

Honestly, I'm sort of not proud to be American anymore. America is not a "leader", like they taught us in grade school. We're not the symbol of strength and tolerance they told us we were. We're not a melting pot and we don't welcome your tired and your poor. We're a puritan nation that flexes its muscle on anyone who doesn't conform, and oppresses our citizens with Christian fundamentalism, whether they like it or not, regardless of what the founding fathers said about religious freedom being key. We're not a land of opportunity. Not for everyone, anyway. We're a land of opportunity for some, I guess. We're a land of unimaginable opportunity for those who've already been deluged with it, and for those in their good ol' boys' club.

Yeah yeah... I know... Love it or leave it. Well, fuck that. It's my home and there are as many things I love about it as I hate. That balance shifts towards the negative every day, though, and maybe someday I will leave it, but for now I'm gonna stay right here and bitch.

No wonder Uncle Rico wants to go back.