March 16th, 2006


The prudes continue to rule

vulgarlad has brought to our attention that the sick fucks in the Missouri GOP wish to continue not providing contraceptives in public health clinics.

Appalling, yes. Ignorant, yes. Naive, totally yes. Surprising, not at all. Send 'em to Jesus! Jesus will keep them from fucking!

Anyway, in browsing the comments I came across one that I really liked:

It does, however, succinctly incapsulate the real philosophy of the Republican Party: "I don't give shit about anyone else, screw them if they're not as smart as me or as clever at making money (more likely: weren't lucky enough to born into opportunity and privilege as I was) -- I've got mine so f**k you. Oh, but I do want everyone to help pay for a gargantuan army and police force to protect me and all my shit -- and to provide oil for my car."

The head of that nail never had a chance.