April 7th, 2006



Well.. the one full day of sunshine that we've had was really, REALLY nice. It's amazing how much better people drive when the streets are dry. It took me like 10 minutes less to get to work today.

I guess it'll all be back to "normal" in a couple of hours though, as all the weather sites are calling for rain rain rain. This super sucks because I scored some sweet free tickets to the Giants game for tonight against Atlanta. Damn.

It also sucks because this weekend is Scootouring. I've wanted to go to Scootouring for many years, but it always snuck up too quickly for me to make a trip up or down for it. I did come down for it about five years ago, but it was rainy then, so we skipped it. Now that I live here I was fully pumped to go, but it's been raining so damn much that it's pretty much guaranteed that the camp site will be nothing but a big old mudhole, so I decided to skip it, yet again. Sad.

Lemons make lemonade though, and I'm still taking a trip out to Sacramento, because there is a Super Sweet Bike[tm] there that hopefully has my name on it. I don't wanna jinx it though, so details will be forthcoming when it's nestled safely in the bosom of my garage. Trust me, though, it is DOPE.
Ladies' man

I ask again... is it real?

Ok... we already learned that Snakes on a Plane is real. Now I must ask you, dear internet, is Home Lasik Surgery real??? I mean, even if it is real, there ain't no frikkin' way I'd go anywhere near it, but still... is it? Imagine what a dumbass you'd feel like every time you had to explain to someone that you went blind because you tried to do your own laser surgery. HA!