July 28th, 2006


Suprise attack of shows!

Man oh man... I gotta keep my ear to the ground more with regards to shows. Suprises have been catching me around every corner and if I didn't lead such a flexible life, I'd probably miss some good stuff.

Yesterday, for example, I wouldn't have known that the Groovie Ghoulies were playing at Annie's, unless I'd caught Ray's post about it. Luckily I didn't have anything going on and I was able to get myself there. It was a great show, as usual with them. It was sparsely attended (maybe everyone else has been napping too), and I took the opportunity to try out some live show photography. I got some decent shots - nothing mind-blowing - that I'll post after I tweak a bit. Big thanks to Barak for the "always shoot raw" advice. They take forever to load, but are better looking than their jpeg versions.

While I was finishing up some stuff last night, Susie sent me a news article she'd found about this. Holy crap! Twelve days of Dave Chappelle!! I contacted Paul and we formed a plan to blitz the web site and get tickets to as many as we could. Fortunately, I'm home today (I slept like crap last night) so I was able to get myself well situated - logged in to my account on TicketMonster's site, credit card info updated, show list being refreshed every 10 seconds, etc... Paul was ready too. Between the two of us, we managed to score 4 tickets to Sunday night's show, and two more to the following Sunday. Both 10pm performances, so we'll certainly be zombies at work the following Mondays but who cares... DAVE CHAPPELLE.

Those who've been with me since the LiveJournal days may remember the last time Paul and I managed to catch Dave at the Punchline. Apparently, it's his favorite venue to play and he really showed the love to everyone who'd been waiting all day. Over four hours on stage! It was insane.

Well, San Francisco... you know I love you for your constant live entertainment options... just try not to be so damn sneaky about it! That said, if anyone sees any listings for any secret Prince shows going on sale in four seconds, make sure to let me know.