September 18th, 2006



Not a bad weekend, if I do say so myself.

Friday - Doubtful Guest and I got fucked up and saw The Covenant, which was laaa-aaa-aaame. Stupid movie. Good thing we were trashed. I was stuffed with Chinese food and almost fell asleep. I met Casey's new kitty, which is super cute, but a bit too hyper for words. I think Rudy would like her.

Friday night, while sleeping, I would suffer what felt like the worst charlie horse in history. Motherfucker.

Saturday - Slept a little late, watched some TV, goofed off. I finally assembled my Minty Boost kit, which required an awful lot of precision soldering. I'm not gonna say I pulled it off like a pro, but it came out pretty good. It seems to work well. I was only able to test it out on my cell phone, because I need a particular cable for my MP3 player. It charged my phone up 10% in about 15 minutes, which doesn't seem bad. Good emergency supply. If I can get it working well with my MP3 player, then that means I can go on long flights and stuff without running out of juice to watch movies. Currently, I can get about 4 hours of video out of a single charge.

Saturday night, we met up with Paul and his lady friend wife and went to this:

It was loads of fun, and there were lots of mostly naked girls involved. The comedy was quite corny, but the production value was delciously cheese-ball. I was particularly excited for the reunion of Lee Press On & The Nails, and they certainly did not disappoint. Sadly, we only made it through about half of their set before we had to just turn in from sheer exhaustion. I'm still feeling it today. What we did see of their set was awesome. Their horn section is loud and tight. Lee is a force to be reckoned with. I was really sad that his xylophone kept cutting out during crucial parts of songs, but I guess that's what you get for using an electric version of something that's just fine when made of wood. Here's a Lee Press On song, unfortunately absent from Saturday's set, recorded at the Hi-Ball lounge back in the 90s:

Sunday - Slept until noon, and then finally got up to do some work on my motorcycle before the Big Ride this weekend. I managed to adjust the valves to spec and balance the carburetors (I think). End result is what seems like a happier bike. It runs a bit smoother and seems to vibrate less, which is nice for a 500 mile weekend. I'm a little worried about the fact that it seems to be constantly low on oil, but I'll just have to keep an eye on that, I guess. It does drip an awful lot.

After more hours in the garage than I cared to spend, Susie and I took Rudy to the beach for a while. Rudy freaking loves the beach. As soon as we get him there and let him off the leash, he just starts running in a gigantic circle as fast as he can. Within 10 to 15 minutes, he's completely worn out and ready to go home. Yesterday, we literally walked a half block along the beach before he was so beat he could barely stand.

Combined with the late night and all the time spent crawling around in the garage, the short beach walk wore me out a little too. When we got home, I flopped on to the couch, fully prepared for an evening of leisure, before remembering that there was a StreetWars reunion party to go to! I was very excited for this, as there was a promise of info on the upcoming San Francisco game.

I played StreetWars last year and it was seriously one of the most fun things I've ever done. It was a little grating to spend almost a month watching my back, bringing a water gun with me literally everywhere I went, trying to calm the dog down when people were creeping around outside my front door, etc..., but the rush of stalking someone and chasing them down and wasting them was so worth it. I'm looking forward to the upcoming game, which I believe will take place in November/early December.

The party was alright. Not a lot of people showed up. I mostly just kicked it with the Mustache Commander and drank some drinks while he admired hot ladies who were in to him. That dude's got game.

Afterwards, I maxed and/or relaxed with Susie back at the Irresponsible Manor. I'm excited that the first episode of the Amazing Race was last night and that we can check it out tonight to see if there's anyone worth rootin' for.