January 25th, 2007


On Vox: New release day!!

We just pushed out a new Vox release and there are a couple of things in it that I'm excited for. They'll all get covered in the Team Vox post, but one thing I couldn't wait to tell y'all about (especially all my LJ friends) is that we now do full content cross-posting to your LiveJournal or TypePad blog. That means that my LJ friends won't see anymore of those excerpted Vox posts that they then have to click on to go over to Vox to finish reading (which I know they don't).

Another nice effect of this is that any photos, audio, or video that I drop in to the Vox post will now come over to LJ as well. You can't play it inline like you can in the Vox blog, but at least you can see it's there and if you're so compelled, you can click through.

You can comment on the posts either on Vox or LJ, as I'll see either. Yay! 

Originally posted on pop.vox.com