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January 28th, 2007

On Vox: Whew!

i went to delirium and nobody was there yet, so i went to zeitgeist. i saw neil and his lady coming out so i said hi and they said hi. they said they were going to get a spot at delirium and i told them not to worry because it was dead. they left. i went in and said hi to scotch (miss), and then told her i was going to get something to eat and would meet them over at delirium. then i went and parked my bike in front of delirium. i went to cable car pizza and ate a slice of pizza while watching a naked woman fellate a naked man in the window of an apartment across the street. the blowjob outlasted my slice, but i headed back to delirium. i found a table and made everyone come to it. we drank shots and drinks and shots. we boogeyed our asses off to top 80s hits, while screaming the lyrics at each other. i insisted neil do the robot, and when he did he almost broke his girlie's nose. we jumped around and stuff. then we left. the clutch cable on my bmw broke two blocks from the club. i tried to limp it for a while. i drove the wrong way down a one way street for three blocks, with no clutch. i parked. i walked over to lisa's since it was nearby and i knew she and henry were headed home from dna lounge. i arrived at the same time they did. we told each other stories. i took a cab home. the cab driver was sort of a hipster chick, and she was playing the first cure album in her cab. at home, i got on another bike and headed over to the beach to meet up with scotch and justin, who already had a fire raging. i drank some of their beer and we had nice campfire talk. the cops drove by. our fire ran out of fuel. we killed it and then called it a night. i rode home, and then got in the truck and headed over to the castro to pick up my bmw. it poured rain. i loaded the bike by myself without breaking it or me. or the truck. i hauled the bike home and then went inside and ate a cupcake. now, i type, hardly able to keep my eyes open. this weekend is action packed. 

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On Vox: Dear electrical nerds/lazyweb

I have a Creative Zen Vision M. The charger for this device outputs 5 volts, 2.4 amps, positive polarity.

Yesterday, I bought a PSP. The charger for that outputs 5 volts, 2 amps, positive polarity. The end is the same as the Zen's charger.

The question is, can I charge the PSP with the Zen's charger? It seems to work, but does the extra amperage hurt the battery or anything?


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On Vox: Yay new band!

I'm digging on this band called The Fratellis. I'd not heard of them before (this is where Harold and DJChall pipe up about how they've been around forever or something). They caught my ear as their single is in an iTunes commercial, so I looked them up and downloaded their album (out in the U.S. in March). Turns out they're playing Coachella. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm digging their record. It reminds me of early 90's brit/indie stuff. Sort of Blur-ish, with some Carter and Happy Mondays. Like it. A less ridiculous and more melodic Art Brut.

Here's their big hit record that's in the commercial.


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