January 30th, 2007


On Vox: Five more things

The apparently bearded Ben Martini tagged me to do what I do best - write about myself. I did this thing already, but I'll do it again, because well... ego.

1. Up until the age of 24, I thought that chicken wings were actually the legs and wings of really little chickens. It amazed me that I'd never seen any PETA footage or anything of zillions of baby chickens getting slaughtered like a mofo right before Superbowl Sunday or something. When I was told, by someone at work, we happened to be in the office of one of our executive directors, and he also thought they were from little chickens, so I didn't feel so stupid... although I kind of do now. Moving on.

2. I performed on stage with Green Day at Lollapalooza in 1994.

3. I bowled a 205 once. It was on Christmas Eve and I was bowling with Adam and his insanely hot cousin. Right before the 10th frame, said cousin asked me if I'd ever bowled a 200 before and I told her no. She said something along the lines of "I hope you don't blow it!" Despite that, I managed to hold it together and break 200. As far as I know, bowling prowess gets you nowhere with the ladies.

4. I was once shot in a drive-by.

5. I hate popcorn and coffee, and it fills me with rage to know that these are among the two most common free things that people enjoy. Whenever I drive by a rest stop on the highway with a sign that says "Free Coffee" (these are common in Washington State) I want to stop and pee in it.

People must now be tagged. I choose: Krissy, Katra, Crankypants, Garth, and Jamison. You guys may have already done it, I'm not sure. All these things kind of run together in my head. Anyway, DO IT AGAIN. Thx.

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On Vox: Chicken wings

Ok... apparently me and Corbin aren't the only ones who didn't know this.

Chicken wings are not the tiny legs and tiny wings of tiny chickens. They are different parts of the wings of regular sized chickens. The little drumstick is the part that attaches to the chicken, and the other one is the second segment of the wing. Together the two make up one wing of a regular chicken. There's also a wing tip piece, but they usually grind that up in to dog food and stuff.

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