January 31st, 2007


On Vox: The beginning of a tumultuous relationship

I'm strongly considering purchasing this sexy motherfucker, despite the following facts:

  • It's a Lambretta. I've never owned one or worked on one. In fact, due to their reputation for being horribly unreliable (they are, in fact, Italian) and royal pains in the ass, I've avoided them like the plague for my entire scootering life.
  • It's another bike. I do not want more bikes. I want less bikes. I will get rid of at least one (but maybe two) bikes if and when I purchase this one.
  • It's too fucking nice. I will have to hire an armed scooter guard to watch over it so I can sleep at night.
Still, I don't think I can resist. The price is right and it's coming from a good friend and scooter club mate who has owned it for longer than I've known him, so I know it's been well-maintained and loved. I've gazed longingly upon this scooter at many rallies, and this particular model is the one that I've always said I would get, were I to get a Lambretta. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 1963 Lambretta TV175:

My friend is liquidating some of his collection and is selling this bike for a great price. Paul and I estimate that even if I didn't want to keep it, I could flip it for $500 - $1000 more than I'm gonna pay. Plus, the purchase will be mostly funded by the sale of my '65 Honda and another friend just happens to be heading down here from Seattle with an empty truck in a few weeks, so I really can't say no. I mean, JUST LOOK AT IT. So pretty.

I guess now I'm supposed to get a three-button suit, a mop top, and a coke habit.

Yay scooter!



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On Vox: You kids buckle up!

Got this video from Paul a little while ago and it's my new favorite video of pretty much all time. Holy shit, dudes. Make sure you watch the whole thing because it just keeps getting better and better.

From Paul:

You guys have to check out this video.  It is one of the turns on the Nurenburg Ring race track in Germany.  It appears that they let normal people just drive their cars on the track at some point in the early 70's.  This looks like it is shot on a pretty tight turn after what must be a very fast straight.  A lot of people took it way too hot...


All's I gots to say is - decreasing radius turn + swing axle rear suspension = bad day!  I wonder how much trouble those drivers got when they got home and had to explain to their wife that they totalled the family car!

Non-stop LOLZ!! I love the bug that flips and *alllllmossssst* rights itself, but then doesn't.

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