February 8th, 2007


On Vox: Vox Hunt: It's In The Bag

Show us what's in your bag.
Submitted by Pants Party.

I wouldn't have submitted this if I'd have readlized how much junk is in my bag and thus, how long it would take to lay it all out. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, The Blogger:

It's true. My bag is actually called The Blogger. I love my bag. Here's what's in it:

1. Sony EX-51s
2. DayQuil, cause I think I'm getting sick.
3. Assorted change, and one keyring
4. Extra-strength Tylenol
5. Glasses cleaner cloth
6. USB cable
7. 1/8" stereo to 1/8"stereo patch
8. USB drive (512mb)
9. Dock for Creative Zen Vision:M
10. Altoids minis
11. Lip stuff, for when my lips hurt real bad
12. Business cards, cause I'm a Business Man
13. Jackass (the first one) on DVD
14. Checkbook
15. Return address labels (the AIDS charity sends me like 50 of these every few months. How much mail do they think I send out??)
16. Stamps (black history)
17. Bluetooth headset. Used four times.
18. Little case for Bluetooth headset.
19. Pay stub
20. Pen, stolen from office and Pencil, unknown origin
21. Tickets to see Craig Shoemaker at the Improv tomorrow night.
22. Hand warmer thingies. They feel good in my gloves on really cold days.
23. PSP games - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (two copies - long story)
24. Sunglasses
25. Sony PSP
26. IBM ThinkPad T43.
27. Not pictured: Creative Zen Vision:M (I forgot to take it out of its little pocket). It has a little remote that I clip on the shoulder strap so I can skip songs while riding on the freeway which is totally safe.

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On Vox: Rawk!!

You guys... I just remembered this.

A couple years ago, in Ballard (a neighborhood in Seattle), there was this guy... he wore a black leather jacket and a skeletor mask. He'd walk around with an electric guitar hooked up to a belt amp and he would just ROCK THE FUCK OUT. If you were standing on the sidewalk and he happened upon you, he'd stop and just ROCK all up in your face until you crossed the street or whatever. Dude just loved walking around ROCKing the guitar, like some kind of heavy metal Johnny Appleseed, sowing the seeds of ROCK throughout the land. It was awesome.

The community of Ballard was split on him. Some people, such as myself, loved him and were so grateful that someone like him existed in our little 'hood. Other people fucking hated the guy and fantasized about beating him senseless with his dime store guitar. Then there were the six or seven people who'd never seen them. They mostly thought he was cool. I remember seeing Missed Connections ads where people would either praise or hate on the masked metal guys. There might have been an article in the Stranger too.

After a while, he acquired a homie who also had a mask and who would ROCK around the neighborhood with him. I guess it's safer if you go with a buddy. After a little longer, he started showing up with - I shit you not - a little kid. The kid was like 10 and he had a mask and a little guitar with an amp and he'd ROCK THE FUCK OUT, Punky Brewster stylee. Sometimes, you'd see all three, on a weird sort of Trick Or Treat-esque mission to melt some faces with ear-splitting solos and power chords.

I wonder what ever happened to those guys.

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