February 16th, 2007


On Vox: Genius

So tired today. Susie and I went to the "10pm" show at the Punchline last night to see Dave Chappelle. The early show let out way late, so we weren't in seats until around 11. There were opening comedians too, so Dave didn't get on stage until a little before midnight. He then held the stage until around 3:15am. This is pretty typical of him. Last night's show was one of the best I've seen.

I've said this before, I think, but seeing Dave in this kind of setting isn't really like going to a stand-up comedy show. It's more like just hanging out with Dave and a bunch of people for a few hours. He basically just gets up there and bullshits with people. There's a little bit of material here and there, but it's mainly just him screwing around. It's really awesome because he's so witty and he's just coming up with all kinds of random hilarious shit off the top of his head as he's talking to people. He had a DJ set up on the side of the stage, and whenever he'd sort of run out of stuff to talk about, he'd defer to the DJ, who'd play an old school hip hop song, or just something random that he knows Dave likes (like the Good Times theme song, or that "You're the best around" song from Karate Kid). Dave would let him get like 30 seconds in and then tell him to cut it and then he'd joke about it for 15 minutes. It was all so good.

I could probably go on a lot longer about the show, but I hear that music and alcohol on the other side of the office.

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