February 20th, 2007


On Vox: He's got ho's in various area codes

Rudy and Maddy have been getting kind of serious lately. They really seem to enjoy each other's company and they often stay up pretty late chatting on instant messenger or sometimes talking on the phone. Rudy likes that Maddy is only slightly taller than him and that she is such a snappy dresser. He also thinks her protruding ribs are cute and he thinks her "pee fountain" trick is hysterical. Rudy gets really excited at the mention of Maddy's name, and it's ridiculously cute to watch them eyeball each other through a gate or a window, wagging anxiously while waiting for a human to remove the barrier between them.

It's good to see him settling down. Rudy's had a few ladies catch his eye over the years, but he's always seemed to like playing the field and keeping his options open. Here are some other bitches that he'd have liked to baby-daddy, if he still had some testicles:

Leeloo and Wednesday
This two fine ladies belong to Otis and Kari, our good friends in Seattle. Rudy met them when he was a puppy. It was a little tough going at first - Wednesday (the black one) once pinned Rudy down with her paw and barked in his face for like a minute straight. He eventually learned to roll with these bat-shit crazy ladies, though, and he took a pretty strong shine to Leeloo and has been observed snorgling her once or twice. Rudy enjoys walks on the beach with these ladies and chillin' on the couch with the humans. Once, I had to explain to him what was going on when Wednesday humped Leeloo right in front of him. He got it, and yes, he was very aroused.

She belongs to Paul and Jannelle. Rudy only really sees Muneca when we drag him over to the East Bay with us. Muneca often shares her chew toys with Rudy, although sometimes she is not at all cool with it. When other dogs are around, Muneca can get a little possessive of Rudy, yelling out "Bitch, he ain't yo' man!" at Steve and Cynthia's dog Lucy whenever she'd make the mistake of strolling near. Rudy likes that Muneca is part Chihuahua, and he loves hearing her stories about growing up in Puerto Rico, which is where his (human) grandfather is from.

Rudy's spent a lot of time with Stella, but I don't think he understands her enough to have really thought about crossing the line from "homies" to "we love each other". He definitely loves Stella, and he gets excited when she shows up at the office on the same day as him, or when he finds out she's coming to stay over, but her size worries him sometimes. Maybe he feels inadequate? Like he's not enough man for her. She does outweigh him by like a factor of 10, so that could be an issue. He does love hanging on the beach with her, though... and he likes the idea that when they're out in public, she can protect him from most other big dogs and other large animals. Rudy likes to play "I'm big too" with Stella - a game where he attacks her from a chair or something while she's laying down, so he can pretend they're on equal ground. Stella doesn't enjoy this as much, as evidenced by the time she placed most of his head and body in her mouth.

Kitty Lou
Oh, you can say their love is wrong, but who are you to judge? I don't know what to make of this, actually. They clearly love each other, but that could just be because they spend so much time together. Whenever Rudy goes to work, she's the first one he goes to when he gets home so he can tell her what he did all day. She'll meow at him for like 10 minutes either to let him know she's pissed that he was gone all day or that she's glad he's back. Rudy is pretty much the only thing in the house that gets Kitty Lou to play, and sometimes he has to try really hard. I don't know that either of them care about the inter-species thing, but I think aside from that, it seems like they are just BFFs who like to occasionally cozy up by the heater vent or the front window.

Yep... Rudy's a bit of a player. Good thing he has all that chihuahua energy!

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