February 27th, 2007


On Vox: The nutsy-est sound around!

I got sucked in to Wikipedia hardcore today. It started when an old post of Barak's (about how he foolishly turned down a career in rock and roll photography) resurfaced in my Recent Activity after someone commented on it. This lead me to Wikipedia to look up something about the Ramones. That then spawned something like 30 or 40 more tabs being opened as I read Wikipedia articles during every free moment I've had today. My browser still has 14 tabs open, waiting to be read, with a variety of subjects ranging from Kent State to Traditional Skinheads to They Might Be Giants.

Somehow, I ended up on Madness' article, and I learned that they're releasing a new album in 2007! That's pretty awesome. The new single is out in a week or so, so I'll be watching for that.

I read something interesting in that article that I didn't know... Back in 1992 or so, the band reunited to do a huge show in the UK called Madstock. I have a VHS recording of it and it's pretty fucking amazing. It looks like Live Aid or something there are so many people there. What I didn't know was that during the opening song, One Step Beyond, the crowd danced so hard that an earth tremor registering 4.5 on the Richter scale was recorded. That is badass!

One Step Beyond

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