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March 1st, 2007

On Vox: Lost

You know, they had a car on Gilligan's Island as well, and that shit had way jumped the shark by then.

I'm just sayin'

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On Vox: I don't feel any younger

Yesterday, I tested my Brain Age and got a 27!! That's pretty good because I'm actually 32. Previously I'd been getting in the upper 30s, a couple of 40s, and even a 52 (I was intoxicated at the time). Oh... I don't know how compatible my score is with other Brain Agers, as I test mine using Mind Quiz for the PSP, and I know a lot of people use BrainAge for the DS. Perhaps we'll have to trade some time.

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On Vox: Siempre una Vespa!

I love this old Vespa commercial. I have it on a CD somewhere, but I'd totally forgotten about it!

Susie, watch him rip past a Nash Metropolitan! Or at least I think that's what he rips past. I'm sure Paul will correct me.

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On Vox: Quake!

Nice one. 4.2 out in the East Bay. It was more rolley than the other recent ones.

Two after shocks.

Good times.

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