March 5th, 2007


On Vox: WHY??

Dear Mac Geeks,

I'm not writing this to incite any religious discussion. I'm looking for actual guidance. That said, I'm getting pretty pissed off at the one and only Mac that's ever been in my possession.

I have a Mac Mini on my desk. It's about a year old or so. I pretty much just use it to test Vox and sometimes LiveJournal on Safari and Firefox for Mac. It also a Synergy server so I can share a keyboard and mouse between it and my other machine. At any given time, Firefox is open with a couple of tabs open to our Wiki, our test case manager, and maybe a Vox instance.

Several times a day, like a couple times an hour or so, apps crash on this fucking thing. Firefox will crash with no explanation, other than to ask me if I want to restart or sometimes if I want to "try again". Synergy will biff inside its terminal window with a Floating Point exception.

I have no idea how to troubleshoot on this thing. Does rebooting ever help this sort of thing? Uptime says that it's been up for 39 days, so I guess i haven't restarted it in a while.

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