March 8th, 2007


On Vox: Today sucks. I'm super-cereal.

I got up early this morning so I could take my V-Strom in to the motorcycle shop. It's due for its first major service, including valve adjustment. This is a $550 procedure, so I'd been putting it off a bit, but it's still only a few hundred miles overdue.

When I got there, the guy asked me how it's running and I told him about some weird noise coming from the chain. He inspected and then explained to me how I'm a complete dumbass (I'm paraphrasing... he was quite nice about it...) and how because of my dumbass-ed-ness I need to replace the chain and sprockets, so that's another $400 or so. Also, there's a chance my dumbass ways may have caused serious internal damage to the motor that would cost an additional amount of money, the numeric representation of which has not yet been invented. Think eleventy kajillion or so. I so hope that I didn't kill it. I reeeeeeeally hope I didn't kill it.

Anyway, after the motorcycle shop, I walked a half block over to Van Ness to catch the 47 bus which would take me right to the office. Sweet, right? Totally. Except I got on the 49 bus which took me right to the Lower Mission. I got to the 24th Street BART station before I decided that maybe this wasn't right. I asked the driver where this bus was going. She responded by asking where I wanted to go. I told her Caltrain station and she had herself a good deep belly laugh asking me, "Why would you wait until you got all the way down here to ask me that?? Now you're gonna have to..." I told her I'd just get on BART, smiled, and left while she was explaining the fourteen or so transfers I'd need to make to get to work on MUNI from there and how it would take approximately six days.

I got on BART and took it over to Powell, figuring I'd walk the rest of the way to work. At the corner of 4th and Market, I ran in to Jason, waiting for the bus, helmet in hand. His bike had broken down on his way to work so he was hoofing it too. We decided to just walk to the office, and had a nice conversation about goings-on here at 6a.

I'm hoping to hear back from the motorcycle shop today about what the situation is. If they have to replace the sprockets, it could take a week for the parts. Good thing I have another bike or two to get around on.

Later this evening, I'm going to see Zodiac with Casey in yet another installment of Steve And Casey Get Loaded And See A Horror Flick, so fuck you Thursday, and the hopefully only slightly damaged motorcycle you rode in on.

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