March 9th, 2007


On Vox: Oh good!

Motorcycle shop just called to twist the knife a little: Yes, I need sprockets. Yes, they will take a week or so to obtain. By the way, you need new rear brake pads (I kinda knew this) so you might as well get them while the wheel is off putting on new sprockets. Estimated costs so far:

  • 14,500 mile service: $445
  • Parts for said service: $100
  • Chain: $100
  • Sprockets (now is not the time when we dance): $78
  • Labor for the chain and sprockets: $175
  • Rear brake pads: $25
  • Labor for brake pads: $35

Ah well. I guess sometimes you ride the bike, and sometimes the bike rides you!

Still no word on if the drive shaft or its bearing are hosed. Anyone know where I can sell some plasma?

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On Vox: QotD: Famous Last Words

What will be your famous last words?
Submitted by ngocaroo.

Probably one of the following:

  • "It's probably not THAT unsafe"
  • "I fixed it myself!!"
  • "I'm pretty sure I can make that turn at this speed"
  • "We should totally ride that!"
  • "Of course I'm sure! I've never been more sure of anything in my life!!"
  • "Wait, did you say green wire or red wire?"
  • "That guy looks mad"
  • "No fucking way I'm eating that," followed by me eating whatever the questionable item is.
  • Today's the day I ride a double black diamond"

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