April 1st, 2007


On Vox: I wanna go fast!

Next week is Easter Sunday, which can mean only one thing: The resurrection of the Easter Bunny. No wait... It means one other thing: Bring Your Own Big Wheel, the annual Big Wheel race down Lombard Street! Me, Nick, and Rebecca are all planning on racing. I picked up a Hot Wheels ride for myself and a Barbie Big Wheel for Nick and Rebecca. I decided not to apply The Man (Mattel Corporation)'s decals to my Big Wheel. As you know, I like my bikes to have a clean look. Here's my steed:

It's the one in the front. I'm working on a modification that will allow me to remove the pedals, as they will pretty much only serve to smack my shins and/or calves, and won't provide any actual control. Also, I think the front wheel is backwards. I wonder if I can rig up a fog machine or some sort of smoke screen.

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